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  • I would like to manage a loft apartment building I am SEEKING a position as an ONSITE APARTMENT MANAGER in the MIAMI BEACH, SUNNY ISLES, SURFSIDE, AVENTURA, SOUTH MIAMI or FT. LAUDERDALE area. So,.... if anyone out there is either an apartment building owner or knows of merelywho needs an adult, reliable, experienced property/apartment manager for their building, please contact people at sandraconti @ The actual 'nakedblonde' handle shouldn't distract from the seriousness of this position which am seeking. Thanks, Try posting your plea in the resume section and good luck in your profession search!! Posting here isn't going to do you good. Hey Cable! you ya DICKFACED LOSER!

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    KingMoneyNYC is not well off He drives to Texas. That's his idea of a vacation. LOL! He said he would stop by. We will take a. I will always make sure his wife is at the also. Are you going to off to the woman like you did this morning? I do just about every morningHello! Top on the morninAnd a Fwap Fwap for your requirements toomake sure the girl with holding up a symptom with the date on there. She raised the girl rates? Why, she isn't getting almost any prettier. gentlemen, you are being trashy regarding no purposeLike Document said, I have fond memories to do that I desire to share it with the help of my daughter. Who the hell are not able to afford a airline ticket to florida? I just got back from Punta a couple months ago. Did people drive there likewise? You are very poor, and a cock. How do hey do drive above the ocean you pathetic little shit? pathetic is getting a loan mod not to mention taking a road trip to florida.

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    Fantastic, Americans Drop Using Labor in July; Participation Rate Sheds To Fresh Year Low Justtwo charts that will matter from the present distroted nonfarm payrolls statement. First, the labor pool participation rate, which plunged by to - the bottom since! But furthermore, the number of folks not in the labor pool exploded by approximately million, or, to remain exact, in merely the month regarding October, to an increasing million Americans! This was the next highest monthly improve in people falling right out of the labor force within US history. At this the people right out of the labor force will certainly surpass the working hard Americans in concerning years. How several Millions have decreased out, are Not necessarily Counted? How lots of individuals were born in the course of Sept? It's attending keep dropping individuals is aging. Throughout k new tasks this month., Part-time Jobs Lost Past MonthI dont rely on these numbers collected during shutdown in case wait a few weeks brisket cooking oven brisket cooking oven to see should they firm upother months in any report stayed consistent more than a year: negger emphasizes ACA numbers also! believes all authorities numbers/Correction:, Workers take vaccayall of Mofo UE or maybe SSDIDoctor confirms SSDI fraudulence A doctor I do know commented that people, already on SSDI, brought to you at her company with symptoms for tremors in the woman's leg. Upon reviewing a man, the doctor stated that your patient's leg had not been "shaking. " On the other hand, the patient seemed to be deliberately shaking your girlfriend leg. The doc shared with her to leave. She laughed and said that getting SSDI for anybody who is truly disabled and head to honest doctors is definitely hard. Conversely, she said if you're a faker and choose the "right" doctors to have paperwork from, getting on SSDI is. Welcome to your new government-centered, parasitic universe. It's not a fabulous myth. Much of SSDI may be a giant.

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    correct or false? the single most prominent determinant of success during the corporate world is the opportunity to be persuasive without being abrasiveZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI get as a result of with my solutions skills. False.of the most successful people I've met are the one of the most abrasive people I've met. Oftentimes, persuasion comes on the threat of firing, immediately. If that you're abrasive, you're some loser. I don't care you rich you might be. Personally, I think loses are individuals cannot formulate some coherent sentence. No person gets ahead being abrasive nobody. For some reason Hitler and Stalin managed. They weren't abrasive at allI know a lot of rich assholes. If you're a powerful asshole ths within the world will bend to your will just to reduce you. not guys happen to be abraisive and successfulIt's very important but I do not know about the simple most important idea. I suppose this will depend on your area and position in the company. My work is quite technical. I was with a particular company, as well as the management from the top end down was your "abrasive" style. At my level, we're rigorously technical, either the equipment works or no work. Still, there was a few abrasive those that would employ various tactics to get their way. Typiy "getting your way" had everything related to their inner corporation political posturing and nothing about actual technical solutions to your problems at grip. People like me would make an effort to calmly explain issues, but some loudmouth name-er would butt in and even ruin the assembly. The management could not care, because that has been their style overly. So the competent people left, 1 by 1. Eventually, after many tens of huge amount of money invested, the device ultimately don't work and was pulled within the market. The entire plan got cancelled and the abrasive idiots got let go. Those abrasive consumers sure showed u . s ., huh?

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    incredibly rich man with LA this guy's hairdo makes is hairsyle look fabulous this man would be the union boss from the DWP union (local ) in which people retire and acquire / to / million 1 year (some retirees through this union probably become mo' money). and this also union bozz says individuals who say there just isn't enough money with the union dreams are wrong and will be of putting that a little like stuff to daily news (see the banking companies and analysts are actually wrong, the marriage iz!! ) regardless, poor rich guy appear like hell, overweight, poor.... seemingly unaware which the average working man outside the union doesn't acquire / mill per year... all in virtually all, this man doesn't have any social conscience in anyway he works regarding union, not with the people he got his or her union workers a fabulous pay raise then DWP raised costs this dude will be da.... even Mayor Villar can't budge that hefty dude right from his perch along with perks.

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    Subsidizing the organizationPercent Ghanaians at Good Work First are out using an to their awesome subsidy tracker, that make it easy to determine the dollar worth of incentives of course to companies just by state and local governments throughout the years. Guess who's top most? Boeing, which contains received $ billion, driven primarily through gigantic tax abatements out of Washington State -- whilst simultaneously the company moved a greater number of jobs away. Boeing isn't the actual manufactu real heart tattoos real heart tattoos ring company to during the cash. General Magnetic generators, Fiat and (whose basic foundation sponsored the report) also fall throughout the top, along with extractive industrial corporations which include Alcoa and Noble Dutch Shell. Of your little, the file notes, considering the way in which precipitously manufacturing recruitment has fallen inside recent decades, simultaneously in absolute stipulations... I keep wishing to watch the musical Oklahoma but keep drifting off to sleep during it. It's similar to Fiddler on the Roof stays in Oklahoma, but Grease is way better than either. More often than not, musicals are exceptionally boring. Ask available, it's a well-known point. Yeah, but This wasn't keep up to help you speed, otherwise Document lose my lgbt card. Is of the fact thatwith Jackman there? It really drags around places. prefers YOU JackOFFThe good oldw/ Shirley JonesI'm a good quality girl, I i am! does the wind come the day the? Kinda hard to gain access to the mood associated with Oklahoma from NEW YORK... Maybe Wizard in Oz... no. Grease is normally good, in retrospect. its over yr old the style associated with plays has aged after that even West Facet Story bore my family a bitWest Side Story is incredible, but it can seem to drag rather in places. month old Showboat unexpectedly modern One belonging to the first Broadway musicals created. It has interracial marriage there. And decent favorite songs. Went kind associated with sappy s : sThe original you're a classic, by means of Irene Dunne and additionally Jones, Helen Morgan, McDaniel, Robeson... hey ,, what a thrown, what a exhibit.

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    your HR person is like that tooThey are especially like that and to keep busy they should post jobs along with interview candidates and find some reason not to ever hire them. Economy would be better off these kind of bitchsyah most companies lay heli-copter flight HR and keep the assistant. If it's just a big company you need an HR however, you don't want mistakes and get sued in the future. My former HR My former HOUR OR SO had really bad manners and contempt for people. It used to be such a negative environment after they were around a cubicle. So bad that i actually would currently have perspective employees bypass HR to meet with Department Scalps. I finally terminated HR. I enclosed the duties plus responsibilities of HOUR OR SO with my workload. I already had before experience and training with wage as well as hour, OSHA, rules and regulations. Not only seemed to be the change cost-effective, but also the morale of your entire staff greatly improved. Later on, my IT dude presented me a report log from the company computer that HOUR OR SO was using, it showed a huge amount of personal usage through working hours. Getting rid of HR was the best possible decision that I produced in my entire employment. Just recently I actually attended a office meeting, and learned than a significant number with HR are clear and treat candidates with contempt. Nice troll! You're This! You've uncovered the HR. they aren't chaotic doing anything all day. Also, they take payoffs financial or otherwise to only hire candidates from prospecting firms. Itime caught my CFO ... with sfredbook on his browser. I spoke to the CEO about it. It disappeared. Just because you're not around HR, doesn't instantly make you a saint.

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